18 December 2021

"Meeting the requirements of digital transformation is the guarantee of our unique business model"

zer ing web 12

Our Digital Transformation and IT Director Ozan Ünay shared Zer's digital transformation strategy in his exclusive interview for the first year of the Digital supplement of KobiEfor magazine.

Stating that the transformation in economic and social life with the developments in information and communication technologies create both opportunities and risks threatening the existence and continuity of outsiders, Ozan Ünay also added, "Taking our vision from the Koç Group, which we are a part of, we launched our digital transformation program before many institutions in our country. We believe that meeting the requirements of digital transformation and staying up-to-date is the guarantee of our unique business model, thereby striving to provide each of our stakeholders with the optimum advantage via technological innovations and innovative methods."

Mentioning how our digital competencies and technological business capabilities streamlined the business continuity of companies in this unique pandemic environment, Mr. Ünay referred to Promena, our strategic procurement platform where we offer prompt and transparent online tendering processes, and ZerOnline, our B2B e-commerce & online order management solution that transfers the entire procurement process of our clients to an online platform, to exemplify the advantages we provide.

Mentioning our 2021 technology investments managed by project teams working with the agile methodology based on the needs and demands of our clients, Ozan Ünay referred to Zer Portal, our customer and supplier collaboration portal, which has been updated recently to provide effective invoicing, reconciliation, and order integration to our stakeholders, and the significant investments we made in our Loji-Portal platform, which offers end-to-end tracking in each logistics process. Emphasizing that Zer believes the critical importance of the agile management approach, Mr. Ünay added "Our goal is to become capable of managing each of our projects and products with an agile methodology soon. Thus, we intend to expand the competence of our human resources via training on agile management and, especially, disruptive strategies."