23 August 2021

Ozan Ünay: "We shouldn't underestimate the value of our budgets and resources"

03 ozan unay sm

Our digital transformation leaders volunteered to share the acquisitions and experiences of Koç Group with the NGOs selected in the second phase of BOOST's Civil Society Technology Challenge implemented collaboratively by Koç Holding, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), and Koç University Entrepreneurship Research Center (KWORKS). In the BOOST special supplement of the Zer News magazine, Ozan Ünay, our Digital Transformation & IT Director, shared his opinions about his volunteer experience.

Highlighting the assistance and guidance they provided during the meetings they held with the NGOs within the program on what kind of tools they can utilize in processes requiring workflow and automation, Ozan Ünay added, "The NGOs we worked with have limited budgets and resources. I think, appreciating the value of our available budgets and resources was the greatest gain. Considering the NGOs that do their best with limited budgets and HRs to contribute to the society as a Koç Group employee who always works with enthusiasm and relatively has a higher resource and budget, I can say that I am now more eager to work."