08 September 2020

Purchasing processes are fast and advantageous with ZerOnline

30 zeronline yenilendi With its specialized staff, rich knowledge and experience of over 16 years, and large supplier network; Zer, which is a Koç Group Company and which is the first and the largest purchasing company in Turkey, offers a complete range of purchasing solutions to its business partners, that enable them to transform the current purchasing challenges into an opportunity. With its own technologies and focus on innovation, Zer adds value to the cooperation by offering products and services, which are compatible with its business partners’ purchasing processes and the conditions of the new era.

In line with this vision, Zer has developed ZerOnline which offers 400 thousand types of products in 80 sub-categories, with a cost advantage, by combining its expertise in the material purchasing field with the closed loop order management solution.

What is ZerOnline?
ZerOnline, the design and interface of which are renewed, is an online order management platform which is designed with innovative technologies and on which the materials which are contracted by Zer are catalogued and over which orders may be placed. ZerOnline offers wide variety of products in many different categories from technical industrial materials to packaging materials, from office supplies to technological products, over the advantageous discount rates acquired with Zer’s high purchasing volume.
What are the advantages of using ZerOnline?
Owing to ZerOnline’s customor-based customized screens, products which are suitable for the fields of activity and previous orders of each customer are displayed, and after sign-in, person-based listings may also be generated, with category-based authorizations and organizational charts. This system, which provides convenience for corporate headquarters and factories as well as dealer and service station organizations, enables more than one user within the same organization to quickly access the products which they are looking for.
ZerOnline which works smoothly on any mobile device and different browsers, offers convenience in the selection stage, with product comparison, multiple list creation features and detailed product contents whilst accelerating the shopping stage with basket creation in Excel, order repeat and multiple delivery options.   
Thanks to ZerOnline’s user-friendly screens, Zer enables its business partners to save time and costs, by providing an end-to-end order management solution.
How do you become a ZerOnline user?
In order to utilize ZerOnline, which is Zer’s strategical purchasing solution, for material purchases; your company should be among ZerOnline’s business partners. Please contact us via zeronlinesatis@koczer.com to become a new business partner and access the advantageous prices and convenience offered by ZerOnline.
Use ZerOnline, and enjoy savings advantages while speeding up and facilitating your business processes.
Web address: https://zeronline.com/