11 August 2020

Purchasing processes are transformed to digital, with Promena

zeringweb9 Our technological purchasing solution brings digital transformation to the procurement processes carried out by traditional methods with the flexible approach and modular infrastructure of Promena, which is improved continually based on customer satisfaction feedbacks. With its e-purchasing management, supplier relations management, e-tender management and expenditure analysis modules, Promena has created a “Strategic Purchasing Solutions” market in Turkey, maintaining its market leadership in this industryto date. Combining its global and regional markets knowledge with high technology, Promena provides companies with the highest level of efficiency, effective control, cost, time and labor savings in their purchasing processes.

In the first half of 2020, Promena brought together more than 100 corporate customers operating in different industries with more than 20 thousand suppliers and realized a total transaction volume of approximately TL 10 billion on the platform.

Promena convenience in purchasing during the outbreak
In the course ofthe pandemic where the whole world passed through an unprecedented test, the importance of purchasing processes increased with the blow supply chains encountered. In this period, where traditional purchasing methods cannot be utilized and engagements such as face-to-face meetings with suppliers, negotiation and document collection were not possible, companies resorted to digital purchasing platforms to access reliable suppliers.

During the outbreak, the demands of new customers who desire to make a difference in their purchasing processes by using Promena have increased by 40 percent compared to the same period last year. Promena's existing customers, on the other hand, started to review their portfolios and strategies more tightly according to different scenarios depending on the progress of the epidemic, and began to make use of the bid collection and tender modules much farther. In this period, besides the additional purchases that had to be made to hold stocks for risky situations and the businesses that needed to be maintained, non-routine purchases that needed to be taken into agenda within the scope of crisis management, increased the number of operations handled using Promena. Promena's existing customers used the bid collection and tender modules 30 percent more than they did during the same period last year.

In addition, purchasing professionals who wanted to collect information and documents from their suppliers or wished to make risk assessment and performance measurements for this particular period shifted their focus to the supplier management module.

Stating that Promena is the locomotive of Zer in the digital field, our General Manager Mehmet Apak, who made an assessment regarding the issue, said; "With the leadership of Koç Holding in Digital Transformation, Zer has been investing in digital for years. We do not only improve ourselves by following technological innovations, but we constantly flex our muscles to use technologies that are suitable for us in our own line of business. This situation provided us with a serious advantage in terms of business continuity during the epidemic period. We see an increase in the number of requests to become a Promena user both locally and globally, and we are very pleased with this development. Since we digitized our internal processes such as price updating, new contract creation and approval, we did not experience interruptions internally during the remote teleworking period; and we were able to provide full service externally as well. The fact that Promena is able to provide services to new customers in various geographies via the cloud with more than 10 language support, and that it can respond to different language support requests in as little as two weeks, allows us to address a wider geography. I would like to specifically emphasize that at the moment, approximately half of the potential and candidate customers who have recently come to Promena are from foreign countries.”