05 June 2023

Our environment and gender equality conscious project: Responsible Travel

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As part of our Responsible Travel project, which we launched together with our personnel transport service suppliers, we have donated more than 164 thousand saplings to the TEMA Foundation since 2020 to combat carbon emissions from personnel transport vehicles. In another part of the same project, we aimed to break down prejudices about occupational preferences by adding a clause to the contracts we signed with our personnel transport service suppliers to require them to employ female drivers.

Serhan Turhan, the CEO at Zer, stated that sustainability, diversity, equality, and inclusion issues are on the agenda of companies and top management from all over the world. "At Zer, it is among our duties to have all our business processes and stakeholders adopt sustainability. We prioritize providing solutions to improve multiple problems in the areas where we carry out procurement activities. Our Responsible Travel project works in a model that meets this priority,” he added.

Remarking that we implemented the project by taking into account the importance of each sapling planted for the production of oxygen and reduction of the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere caused by personnel vehicles, Serhan Turfan said, "Since 2020, we have ensured that our personnel transport service suppliers donate two saplings a year to the TEMA Foundation for each person they transport during the contract. Thanks to the campaign, our suppliers have so far donated nearly 140 thousand saplings to our customers for whom we provide personnel transport services. Zer donated 19 thousand saplings to support the 'Zer and Solution Partners Forests'."

Noting that the highest benefit in environmental and social areas is possible through projects to be carried out together with our stakeholders in our ecosystem, Serhan Turfan said, "Transportation is one of the sectors most in need of improvement in terms of gender inequality. As part of the project, we have also included a clause on the employment of women drivers in the contracts we make with our personnel transport service suppliers in order to break down prejudices about occupational preferences. We both enabled our suppliers to support the fight against gender inequality and developed an equal opportunity solution to meet the labor shortages in the transport sector".