27 October 2023

Procurement and supply leaders' vision for 2024: Risk management and digital transformation

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The "Current Situation and Expectations" file prepared by Ekonomist Magazine with the contributions of Zer has been published.

According to the results of the study, risk management stands out on the 2024 agenda of procurement and supply leaders who have focused on domestic economic developments, raw material costs, and cash flow in 2023, when we have faced many challenges such as high inflation, price volatility, and geopolitical risks.

In the survey, which reveals that many companies have taken action to develop new strategies to manage change in the new world where uncertainty prevails,  the responses of procurement and supply leaders support the strategic importance of companies' procurement departments. According to the survey results, 55.2% of companies consider procurement important for their strategic goals.

The top problems that leaders foresee to be faced in procurement management in the next 5 years are failure to adapt to digital transformation (29.2%), failure to find the right supply source (27.1%), and failure to comply with ESG criteria (20.8).

The survey revealed that the areas prioritized by leaders to ensure resilience against challenging business conditions were reaching alternative countries and suppliers (25.5%), digitalization (12.1%), and creating expenses from revenue (10.9%).

Our CEO Serhan Turfan, whose views were included in the file, stated that procurement referred to an ecosystem management dominated by strategic and digital applications and said, "As Zer, we aim to be the pioneer of this transformation. With the digital procurement applications we offer, the expertise we have developed, and our B2B ecosystem, we want to become a Procurement 4.0 company."