27 February 2024

Serhan Turfan: “Cautiously optimistic for 2024”

serhan turfan bloomberg ht.webp

During a live appearance on Bloomberg HT's “30 Minutes” program with host Gözde Kuyumcu, our CEO, Serhan Turfan, provided insights into the challenges and uncertainties that affected the business world in 2023, along with forecasts for 2024. He indicated that the year ahead will be as challenging as 2023, suggesting that cautious optimism would be the prevailing sentiment in the business sector.

Reflecting on last year, which was marked by the earthquake disaster, election uncertainties in May, ongoing conflicts, and surging prices due to high inflation, Turfan noted, “Risks such as the Gaza crisis and the Russia-Ukraine conflict have extended into 2024. Recent political elections, geopolitical tensions including the Suez Canal, and persistent high inflation are expected to perpetuate an uncertain environment. In such times, the role of sustainable procurement and supply chain management becomes increasingly critical.” He explained how KoçZer has been helping their clients to navigate these challenges by developing alternative scenarios to manage risks in purchasing and supply chain processes effectively.

Turfan also emphasized the crucial role of digitalization in enhancing efficiency and saving time. “In five years, purchasing processes will be fundamentally transformed by artificial intelligence and new technologies. Our online bidding platform, Promena, has gained international recognition, reflecting a global shift towards digital procurement as traditional manual bidding processes phase out.” He highlighted the complexity of modern purchasing processes, pointing out that online bidding platforms alone are insufficient and must be complemented by artificial intelligence systems to meet the evolving needs of the industry.