26 April 2024

“Our mission is a corporate structure that prioritizes our partners’ success across the value chain”

serhan turfan bizden haberler.webp

In a recent issue of Bizden Haberler magazine, a Koç Group publication, our General Manager, Serhan Turfan, outlined KoçZer’s transformation journey, future objectives, and the advantages of our business model.

Reflecting on our 20-year journey, Serhan Turfan highlighted the commencement of our transformation by establishing a new brand universe to foster further growth of our beneficial business model. He emphasized our commitment to embracing change and transformation across the entire value chain.

Serhan Turfan explained, “As we created our new brand, we focused on fostering dialogue with our business stakeholders, on being with them in their moments of need. The letter Z in our logo symbolizes the robust dialogue we’ve established with our customers and suppliers, as well as the instances when KoçZer is relied upon. Our forthcoming endeavors will reinforce our brand purpose, encapsulated by the slogan “Today and tomorrow... KoçZer is by your side for your business needs.'”

Discussing industry trends, Serhan Turfan underscored the shift towards digital applications based on our analyses and market insights. He remarked, “Aligned with our commitment to prioritizing our business partners’ interests across various areas, from customer experience to supplier relations, our industry is transitioning towards digital solutions. To meet this growing demand, we’ve introduced two new digital products: ZerGO and ZerCard.”

Serhan Turfan elaborated on the functionalities of these platforms, highlighting ZerGO's role as an online marketplace tailored for the B2B realm, enabling companies to participate as both sellers and buyers. Meanwhile, ZerCard focuses on meeting the needs of employees by offering a cash-like approach to reward systems.

Serhan Turfan also outlined KoçZer’s short and long-term goals. In the short term, our aim is for all our platforms to achieve dominance in their respective sectors. He highlighted Promena’s position as a leader in the field of strategic procurement, maintaining its sector dominance.

Looking ahead, our target is to increase the share of turnover derived from digital platforms to 40% of our total turnover in the next 5 years. In the long term, our vision is to evolve KoçZer into a company that provides integrated services, combining digital platforms with our expertise, establishing dominance in the Turkish market, and competing on a global scale.