29 March 2023

Promena forges strategic partnership with Amsterdam’s Sourcing Champions

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Promena is pleased to announce its new partnership with Sourcing Champions, a strategic sourcing consulting firm based in Amsterdam. The move will allow our company to offer a wider range of procurement services to our expanding customer base.

Thanks to this mutually beneficial partnership, clients of Sourcing Champions will now also be able to take advantage of Promena’s comprehensive range of products and services.

Instead of offering standardized applications, Promena will provide solutions specifically tailored to clients’ needs. This can give them a competitive advantage by optimizing their procurement processes, minimizing their costs, and enhancing overall supplier performance.

Sourcing Champions, for its part, will offer clients its valuable expertise in the evaluation and designation of suppliers. Further, it will provide them with expert guidance and sourcing strategies to streamline their procurement processes and bolster their market competitiveness.