15 September 2022

Strategic cooperation between Promena and Scoutbee

promena scoutbee partnership

Promena, the pioneer of strategic procurement platforms in Turkiye signed a strategic partnership deal with Scoutbee, an AI-driven supplier intelligence and discovery platform based in Germany.

The agreement will help Promena's clients develop their supplier portfolios from various regions and build more resilient supply chains. As a consequence, Promena's users will be able to access Scoutbee's pool of suppliers and connect faster and more effectively with European suppliers in particular. Scoutbee's clients, on the other hand, will be able to access suppliers from Turkiye and other regions through Promena's pool of suppliers.

Upon signing the agreement, Orçun Güven, Director of Sales and Promena Services, said, "At Promena, we are committed to helping our clients generate the highest business value by focusing on cost, operational efficiency, and growth opportunities across the supply value chain. Our commitment to providing the best service motivates us to put the needs of our clients first and continuously improve our platform with the help of feedback and insights from global benchmark studies. We continue to add new competencies and features to the platform constantly. Our collaboration with Scoutbee, an AI-driven supplier intelligence and discovery platform, is the result of this approach. Joining forces with Scoutbee, we intend to transform our clients' supply chain and procurement processes into a more sustainable structure with our strong digital platforms. For that matter, we will be able to eliminate the risks posed by supply chains that depend on a single source and location, make the process of collecting supplier data from different regions efficient, and pave the way for better supply chain decisions."