08 August 2022

Strategic cooperation of Zer and KPMG Türkiye

zer kpmg is birligi

We signed a cooperation agreement with KPMG Türkiye, which provides audit, tax, and consultancy services, to support companies in reshaping their supply chain and procurement processes. This cooperation will offer solutions that will make it easier for companies to adapt to changing business conditions in procurement and supply chain management.

Our Director of Sales and Promena Services, Orçun Güven, who led this cooperation, stated that the agreement brings together the various capabilities of the two leading companies in their fields and said, “Our 20 years of expertise, our dominance in different sectors in which we manage the procurement processes, our digital platforms that meet all the needs of our clients, especially Promena and ZerOnline, and KPMG Türkiye's consultancy and analysis power will help our current and potential clients to rebuild their processes and overcome uncertain business conditions.”

KPMG Türkiye Strategy, Operations, and Sustainability Consultancy Partner Serkan Ercin said: “In this period of unprecedented disruption in supply chains, it is very important for companies to adapt themselves quickly to new conditions in their procurement activities, as in all areas of the economy. Companies can eliminate problems in the supply chain by prioritizing digital transformation more than ever and making conscious investments. We aim to help corporates and sectoral organizations establish and manage high-performance supply organizations with the power of digital transformation and our cooperation with Zer.”