09 July 2021

The advantages of ZerOnline drew incredible attention from our customers

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In his interview with KobiEfor Magazine, our Vice President of Services and Materials Alp Ressamoğlu shared his insights on ZerOnline, the digital home of corporate orders and our B2B e-commerce platform, and mentioned how the purchasing process advantages offered by ZerOnline drew incredible interest in such a short time.

Highlighting that numerous companies have migrated some or all of their material purchases to ZerOnline and provided user registration for above 400 companies quickly, Mr. Ressamoğlu stated that ZerOnline had a share of almost 70% in our total turnover produced by all our digital solutions in 2020.

Describing how Zer allow companies to derive a profit while purchasing via ZerOnline based on Zer's fundamental objectives of providing efficiency, cost-effective management, and practical resource usage, Mr. Ressamoğlu stated that "We managed to combine the product catalog created based on each company's unique needs with favorable prices adjusted to the volume of bulk purchases and the chance to collaborate with various suppliers. With over 500 brand contracts, we have developed Turkey's most far-reaching technical and industrial material catalog."

Mentioning our ability to provide our stakeholders with the labor force, saving on time, and a transparent and traceable purchasing experience, Mr. Ressamoğlu stated, "With our customizable solutions developed according to the individual needs of our customers, we can combine their order catalog with confirmation and authorization mechanisms explicit to their company. With the special authorizations assigned to each user, the categories available for the order can be predetermined. Thanks to the integrations with supply chain management systems such as SAP and ERP, our users can track their orders with internal and external approval features and elaborate them in their systems via the expense center feature based on the in-house department."

Describing our most important goal in the upcoming period as helping ZerOnline become Turkey's leading B2B catalog with its substantial product variety and functional structure in material purchases, Mr. Ressamoğlu also emphasized that "We continuously conduct enhancement and advancement efforts to make ZerOnline become the ideal purchasing address. We aim to deliver the optimum convenience to our users in their purchasing decisions."