01 April 2022

The big prize goes to Akplas Plastik at Our Dreams Are Similar Collaboration Program!

akplas en

Among the projects we followed up in 2021 under our Our Dreams Are Similar Collaboration Program, the "Evaluation of Natural Resources" project won Akplas Plastik the top prize.

The development of the project, which aims to reuse natural resources, was monitored for a year by volunteer Zer ambassadors. During the follow-up period, in parallel with the project objectives, the rainwater collected on the roof of the plant was collected in the tanks, and the water was used in the production process, for daily use, and to feed the fire extinguishing system. At the same time, the goal of energy-saving was achieved with LED lamps that are automatically adjusted to the light.

At Zer, we covered the education costs of 3 high school girls with donations to the Mustafa V. Koç Scholarship Fund established under the Turkish Education Foundation in the name of Akplas, which was honored with the main prize for the progress it made throughout the year.

Congratulations to Akplas, which took responsibility for a better future and deserved a grand prize for its progress throughout the year, and we hope it will inspire new projects to be developed under the Our Dreams Are Similar Collaboration Program.