18 November 2021

The joint procurement platform offers a break to retail


We created a new partnership with the Turkish Federation of Shopping Centers and Retailers for a joint procurement platform that will include the Federation members to promptly recover the losses of the retail industry, which faced various challenges in many areas during the pandemic.

Influenced by the pandemic severely, the retail industry is fighting against client losses, besides problems in the supply chain, HR, and operational activities. This compelling process requires cost management for retailers.

With the joint procurement platform that we established by partnering with the Turkish Federation of Shopping Centers And Retailers (TAMPF), the umbrella institution of organized retail, to consolidate the retail industry's fight, our goal is to provide Federation members with cost advantages, operational convenience, and time savings in various categories, including logistics, packaging, material procurement and personnel transportation services, and the utilization of digital procurement platforms in national and global markets.

Mentioning Zer's plan to realize similar partnerships, such as the joint procurement platform we established with the retail industry in various industries, our General Manager Mehmet Apak stated that "We have been streamlining and accelerating the business processes of companies for over 18 years via our corporate procurement and supply solutions along with our position that provides a solid bridge between clients and suppliers. We provide cost-effective savings and create sustainable value for many industries. We believe that industrial partnerships will allow us to make this value even more permanent.

Highlighting that cost management in the retail industry is now more significant than ever due to the pandemic conditions, TAMPF Board Chairman Alp Önder Özpamukçu added, "Considering research we conducted during the pandemic, we have found that cost management is the most crucial area of struggle for our members. The pandemic has imposed wounds on the industry that are hard to recover. Via our partnership with Zer, we have designed a model, providing our members with cost advantages in all areas needed. We believe that our joint procurement platform will contribute to our industry significantly.