04 July 2021

The rise of the 'trust-based business model'

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Our General Manager Mehmet Apak had an interview with Handan Sema Ceylan, Editor-in-Chief of Dünya Newspaper.

Defining the new era as the era of the 'trust-based business model', Mehmet Apak stated in his interview that “In the new world order, the most significant competitive advantage will be provided to the countries with the ability to offer trust-based systems and infrastructure and the companies who developed trust-based relationships with their stakeholders. Namely, those who have grown their 'relational capital' will be the winners. And, the one and only leverage of this capital is trust." He highlighted the significance of trust-based relationships that will be established in the future.

Mr. Apak mentioned that the business world needs to focus on believing and trusting the future and the current ecosystem and improve the ecosystem by developing collaborations and building long-term business partnerships to satisfy this need for trust. He also shared Zer's awareness of trust via the trust-based business model was developed within this context.

Stating that Zer meets the required criteria to ensure a safe environment for their suppliers, customers, and employees with their trust-based business model, Mr. Apak also added, "We closely follow the world to provide a sustainable environment of trust to our stakeholders and create solutions with the ability to protect our ecosystem against new threats. Based on the competition conditions, we continue investing in technologies such as payment systems, cybersecurity, tracking order delivery, and robotic automation, which minimize the error margin, that provide us with safer processes."

Highlighting the various challenges the industries we provide services had to face during the pandemic and describing Zer as a safe harbor for suppliers, Mr. Apak also stated that "Thanks to our financing system, we were able to provide an opportunity to catch a break to our suppliers seeking support against challenging circumstances. In this way, the suppliers we collaborate with managed to collect their earned receivables at their discretion without pushing their credit limits."

Commenting on the national and global goals and evaluations regarding ZerOnline, the online location for corporate orders, and Promena, the strategic purchasing solution of Zer Group, Mr. Apak also provided his insights on Zer's next term goal as "Considering our goal to grow the number of our non-Koç Group customers, we are receiving positive outcomes with an increase of 30% in this number. We aim to reach 50%. Just like ZerOnline, our stakeholders can safely run Promena on platforms with software solely owned by Zer. We also intend to raise the number of such platforms. Our goal is to manifest our trust-based business model to the business world as best as we can."