08 April 2022

Report on media and advertising investments in Turkey 2021 announced

gokhan akca turkiye medya yatirimlari raporu

The Media Investment Report 2021, prepared by Deloitte on behalf of the Advertisers Association (RVD) and other industry associations, evaluating media and advertising investments in Turkey, was released.

According to the report, media and advertising investments continued to grow in 2021.

The report announced media investments in Turkey at TL 16 billion 953 million and advertising investments at TL 5 billion 858 million. The sectors with the largest advertising investments were retail, publishing, and information technologies.

Our Deputy Director-General for Media Services Procurement, Gökhan Akça, who attended the press conference as a speaker, saw the growth of media investments above inflation as a sign of the growth of the sector in real terms. "Advertising investments make a significant contribution to the economy, and as the advertising market grows, so do other parameters in the economy," Akça said, explaining that a significant increase was achieved in the digital sector in 2021.