13 April 2022

The success of our HR strategy and practices has been proven once again

zer great place to work 2022 gptw

As Turkey's leading procurement and supply chain management company, we were included for the second time in Great Place to Work's Best Workplaces for Millenials in Turkey 2022 list in the category of companies with 100 to 249 employees.

"We strive to create a corporate environment based on solidarity and trust"

Emphasizing that in addition to our procurement and supply chain management consulting, we also provide procurement services and technological solutions in more than 130 business areas and that competent, knowledgeable, and dedicated employees are the main force for the sustainability and development of this structure, our General Manager Mehmet Apak said, "We are working to create a work environment where a senior colleague who has served Zer for years with their expertise and experience and a young colleague who just joined our team unite around a sense of solidarity, trust, and togetherness, and we are happy to see the positive results. The fact that our company is among the Best Workplaces of Turkey is an apt indication of our efforts.”

“The awards give us the courage to do better”

Sanem Bayraklı, Director of Human Resources and Corporate Communications at Zer, said, "The pandemic that has hit us on the cusp of the digital age has triggered important changes in the business world. Human Resources, on the other hand, is experiencing a renaissance. In a work environment, where we see values such as trust, transparency, and pursuing a common goal come to the fore, we are discussing how to pass those values on to our remote teams. We are witnessing the increasing impact and importance of internal communication projects in an environment where creating a corporate culture, transferring it to teams and preserving it, and creating interaction between employees are becoming increasingly important. We see the fact that we are ranked among the best workplaces in Turkey based on the evaluation of our employees as proof of the quality of our projects focused on human resources development and the value we place on our employees. The awards we have won recently confirm the difference we have made with our HR vision.”