24 April 2024

We are expanding our media buying services with Digital Panorama

koczer dijital panorama.webp

We’re delighted to announce our acquisition of the cutting-edge advertising agency, Dijital Panorama, as part of our efforts to expand our media and buying services. This merger enables us to broaden our consultancy offerings to encompass digital production and creative agency services alongside our existing media and production buying services.

Our General Manager Serhan Turfan emphasized our commitment to linking production and post-production companies with our procurement services throughout the production processes of all media content. He highlighted our collaborative efforts with customer creative agencies, stating, “As a next-gen advertising, design, and digital content studio, Dijital Panorama has made significant contributions to the industry since 2007 through its partnerships with leading brands. Because of our focus on the integration of digital products and services into our portfolio across all sectors, we are thrilled to embark on this new chapter with them.”

“We’re strengthening our purchasing capabilities in the production space”

Serhan Turfan, highlighted that Digital Panorama will be integrated into our comprehensive approach, which identifies brand needs and streamlines media planning and purchasing processes swiftly, effectively, and efficiently. This integration aims to ensure our brands achieve their communication goals at optimal cost and with quality service. He expressed our eagerness to progress along this path with all our brands and to undertake campaigns that resonate strongly.

“We manage the entire value chain from ideation to production”

Sevilay Kop, General Manager of Digital Panorama, highlighted that their company specializes in producing content solutions tailored to the needs of their brands and customers, utilizing advanced technologies. She stated, “At Digital Panorama, we merge these capabilities with 360-degree communication solutions, blending technology expertise with creative ideas. We oversee all processes from conception to production for our brands.