11 August 2023

We are the 'Company of the Year' for the 3rd time thanks to our achievements!


The winners of the 20th International Business Awards, one of the most important awards of the international business world organized by the Stevie Awards, have been announced. We are proud to have been selected as the "Best Company of the Year" in the program for three consecutive years and to have won a total of six awards.

Serhan Turfan, the CEO of Zer announced that Zer was awarded the "Best Company of the Year" with the gold prize it received in the "Differentiated Services" category and the silver prize in the "Commercial/Professional Services" category. "We have been awarded as the ‘Best Company of the Year’ for three years in a row thanks to the business model we have built to make our customers and suppliers more resilient and flexible in an unpredictable and challenging business world. I see this as a reward for our efforts in this regard. With our 20 years of experience, I believe that we will continue to stand by our more than 2,500 active suppliers and over 1,300 customers, and that we will gain many more sustainable achievements by getting stronger together with our team of specialists,” he said.

Promena, our strategic procurement and supplier solutions platform, received two gold awards

Promena, the first brand of Türkiye in the strategic procurement solutions sector, won the gold prize awarded by the International Business Awards in the "Industrial Products and Services" category for the third time as well as the gold prize in the "Supply Chain Management" category.

2 awards for our Human Resources practices

In the field of human resources, we received silver prizes in the "Human Resources Team of the Year" and "Human Resources Achievements" categories thanks to the communication activities and practices we have carried out under the employer brand we have launched with the motto "We are in the Work!".