09 August 2023

We continue to work to heal the wounds of the earthquake

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Earthquake victims started living in Hope Cities set up by Koç Holding together with Group companies. A total of 20,000 people are offered accommodation in Hope Cities set up in 5 different provinces affected by the earthquake.

Starting from the first step of this valuable project, expert teams of Zer supported the project in several areas, particularly including field coordination, logistics needs, and operation management.

Our teams undertook the coordination and logistics operation processes to bring 5,000 containers and their mounting materials from China to our country and delivered them to the sites for installation after completing domestic transportation and mounting of the containers.

Within the scope of logistics services carried out under our coordination throughout the project, tow trucks transporting containers in Türkiye made a total of 3,650 full trips, and traveled a total of 580,000 km.

In addition to coordinating the process and providing labor and logistics support, we undertook the management of the living spaces of Hope Cities through the procurement of security and cleaning services. We met the maintenance needs of Hope Cities by ensuring the sustainability of quality service with our operation teams in the field.

Zer will continue to be in the field to maintain hope in Hope Cities and support the victims of the earthquake.