06 July 2021

We ranked 93rd in Fortune 500 Turkey list!

11 fortune 500 turkiye 2020

This year, we ranked 93rd in the Fortune 500 Turkey listing in Turkey's biggest 500 companies based on their net sales. Considering our 107th place in the previous year, we are proud to maintain our successful business outcomes and rise to the 93rd rank despite the challenging conditions pandemic brought.

Although the net sales of the companies included in the 2020 list grew by 6.3% compared to the previous year and reached 1.939 trillion TRY, the real value decreased compared to last year. While 237 Istanbul-based companies were included this year's listing, we, as Zer, ranked 52nd among those.

The Fortune 500 Turkey 2020 list demonstrates companies' financial performances and provides significant insights regarding the future of our economy as a nation. The Fortune 500 Turkey 2020 list, which was announced for the 14th time this year, also reveals the unpredictability of the global pandemic and the effects of shocks in supply and demand. Reporting that 2020 was the year with the lowest growth performance rate of the last decade, the research exhibits a decrease of 15% in the net profit of companies in 2020 compared to the previous year. Although the overall exports of the companies included in the list were 515 million TRY in 2019, this figure dropped to 471 million TRY in 2020. The decrease in the number of employees, a first since 2015, was also emphasized in the research results.