14 December 2020

Yet another international achievement from Promena!

zeringweb8 Our strategic procurement solution Promena took part in the Digital Procurement Research 2020-2021 of Capgemini, a firm based in France operating in the fields of consulting, digital transformation, technology and engineering services in nearly 50 countries.

Capgemini has been preparing the Digital Procurement Research for more than a decade for companies to get a comprehensive overview in today's rapidly changing technologies. In this research, Capgemini reflects the insights gained from the consulting services it provides for the digital transformation of the procurement processes of many global companies, and sets the criteria by considering their solution requirements, overall needs, and integration processes.

33 worldwide procurement solutions, also including Promena, are evaluated according to the steps in the Procurement Wheel prepared by Capgemini in 2018, which shows the end-to-end purchasing experiences. These steps are: needs analysis, bid collection, tender management, supplier management and receivables management. Solutions are also reviewed in terms of reporting, implementation, pricing and technical features as well.

The report provides detailed information on evaluations and procurement solutions, as well as information to support purchasing professionals in identifying service providers suitable for their digitalization goals and expert opinions covering trends in the purchasing world.

Sharing his views on the Capgemini report, Promena Services Director Orçun Güven said: “All over the world, purchasing processes are gaining strategic importance today. Purchasing departments are transforming from a department responsible for cost savings to one that can realize value improvements for the entire supply chain. And one of the most important tools of this transformation is the systems used. At this stage “Are the processes set up correctly? Has the correct system suitable for the processes been selected?” questions confront the companies. I think that Capgemini 2020-2021 Digital Procurement Research, which provides important insights, is very valuable for these evaluations to be made. It makes us proud to be evaluated together with over 30 procurement solutions operating worldwide. Global research allows us to see what we are doing well, discover trends in the industry and recognize areas for improvement.”

Emphasizing that companies must make a demo when choosing the right system, as also the report suggests, Orçun Güven further made the following assessment: “These reports undoubtedly offer purchasing professionals evaluations that they can benefit from. In addition, companies should allow users to test the system for a short time in a test environment and see if it meets their needs in the process of choosing a new system. As Promena, we try to provide the right solution for purchasing processes by presenting a demo to all our business partners who contact us before they go into practice.”