15 April 2022

Zer Recognized as “Product Challenger” in Global Procurement Ecosystem


We are proud to announce that our company has become the first Turkish company featured in the Provider LensTM Report of ISG, one of the global leaders in procurement and supply chain management.

In the ISG Provider LensTM 2022 report, service providers from around the globe, including Zer and Promena, were evaluated across 5 categories.

Zer was recognized as a product challenger in the "Procurement BPO Services" category which evaluates service providers enabling efficient and sustainable procurement functionality for large and midmarket enterprises and in the "Digital Transformation Services" category which, on the other hand, evaluates service providers that transform traditional supply processes. Our strategic procurement software, Promena, was named a product challenger for large accounts in the "Purchasing Platforms" category.

bpo services large accountsbpo services midmarket
digital transformation services large accountsdigital transformation services midmarket

Behind this success lies the fact that we continuously strive to transform Zer's internal processes and our platforms. Thanks to our services that combine expertise with digital solutions, our clients are able to maintain their business processes more quickly, easily, and uninterruptedly, and our suppliers enjoy the convenience of going digital in many operations that used to be tracked manually.

In the ISG Provider LensTM Procurement BPO and Transformation Services Report, the strengths of Zer were mentioned to be:

  • Offering strategy consulting, category management, and operational procurement services together. Therefore, it is a strategic stakeholder in the transformation of supply chain and procurement.
  • Helping companies reduce their supply risks by offering efficient supplier performance management and contract management services thanks to its experience in more than 130 categories in the material, logistics, services, and media sectors.
  • Its reliable supplier ecosystem; a wide network involving 40,000 suppliers, registered on the strategic procurement software Promena.
  • Strong supplier relationships, which consequently leads to reduced supply-side risks and increased quality.
  • Its wide portfolio of technology solutions from private transfer to B2B e-commerce to supplier and tender management to smart tracking systems.

Companies have procurement and supply management concerns

In the executive summary of the Provider LensTM Procurement BPO and Transformation Services report, it was stated that continuous disruptions in the global supply chain still force enterprises to re-build their sourcing and procurement processes. It was reported that a significant number of large and midmarket enterprises globally are concerned about their ability to manage procurement and sourcing, to the point where they are considering outsourcing and that most companies will complete this transformation within the next 24 months.

The emphasis was on that many large enterprises are now turning to sourcing and supply chain service providers to expedite their business processes, which represents the first major step toward procurement transformation and transfer of know-how. It was also highlighted that such cooperations do not only focus on improving efficiencies and reducing costs but also may contribute to identifying, preventing, and remedying existing and potential problems.

Who should read this report?

If you have been lately focused on sourcing and procurement management, you can explore how the service providers featured in the report can support you in your transformation process.

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