15 November 2021

Zer is a great place to work for female employees!

gptw l

Great Place to Work, an employee experience and HR company, declared the best Turkish workplaces for females.

Defining what is included in a "Great Place to Work" experience via in-depth analysis obtained from the Trust Index survey, which has been including over 100 million employees worldwide since 1992, Great Place to Work recognized great Turkish workplaces for females by exploring reviews from over 1,500 female employees in 2021.

As Zer, we secured our place in the Best Workplaces for Women Turkey 2021 list, which was published for the first time by GPTW and will become an annual publication.

As one of the signees of the United Nations Women's Empowerment Principles, we prioritize diversity and inclusivity in our workplaces. We believe that inclusivity plays a significant role in our company's development. With this awareness, we develop operations and practices to increase women's employment rates and support gender equality.

We believe this title reflects the value we attach to our employees and the culture of elevated trust we created for our female employees. We are proud of being a great place to work for female employees.