Our Clients

Our clients are at the heart of our business in all processes, including product development, pre-sales, operations, and after-sales. We consider this a journey, keeping in mind that there is always a way ahead of us.


Our strategy is to offer practices and approaches for each of our clients to say, “Thanks to the KoçZer's ecosystem, I now have a resilient supply chain and procurement management capable of providing the sustainable success of my company.”

We are the solution partner for all needs of our clients!

With our flexible structure and ever-developing service perspective, our goal is to become the solution partner for each need of our clients. With our flexible structure, we can provide procurement and supply chain management services and act fast to meet our clients' needs, even outside KoçZer's operational categories.

Our Human-Oriented Approach

Besides the excellence in the processes designed by technology and digital possibilities, we, at KoçZer, also offer a determinant difference in the experience provided to our clients. This difference is our ability to maintain our human-oriented approach while interacting with our clients. From receiving a new service request to invoicing, we provide various experiences. No matter how different the processes are, we always keep in mind that our clients and employees who experience these processes are 'human'. We believe that this mindset provides long-term success in problem-solving and service enhancements.

We consider the processes with our clients as opportunities for collaboration, mutual communication, and interaction. At KoçZer, mutual empathy and interaction are the key aspects of comprehending client needs and unravelling problems.

With our customer relations team, we allow our representatives of the applicable departments to meet with our clients in person and hold mutual feedback meetings. We sincerely strive to make our clients feel valued. We believe we can only be on the same page via listening and paying attention to one another.

We value your feedback

Accordingly, we conduct annual customer satisfaction research. We enable each department with customer touchpoints to join the research design process, ensuring that we are asking the right questions. After obtaining results regarding business processes, relationship management, price, and productivity indices, we share them with all our departments to identify the areas of joint action and improvement together. Upon providing information to our clients about the actions to be taken and the progress made, we obtain their feedback on the enhancements. We keep trying various methods and solutions until receiving a positive evaluation.


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