Our Suppliers

We serve as a bridge between our clients and suppliers at KoçZer, accelerating and streamlining communication. While helping our clients perform their supply chain and procurement management processes seamlessly with a cost advantage, we also provide our suppliers with a safe harbour, easing their concerns regarding potential uncertainties by long-term agreements.

Joining the KoçZer Supplier Management System allows you to contact many companies from various industries readily and swiftly and offer your products and services to broader audiences without conducting advertising and marketing activities. Thus, you can boost your business volume.

How to join the KoçZer Supplier Management System?

  • Companies seeking to join the KoçZer Supplier Management System can click here to create a username and password and apply the self-evaluation process by filling out the general information form. Each candidate company can enter the process of self-evaluation free of charge.
  • Upon application, KoçZer Supplier Management delivers the evaluation criteria to the applicant company. There are two criteria: General and industry-specific.
  • After completing the registration and receiving a positive self-evaluation, companies pay the KoçZer Supplier Management System membership fee (5.500 TRY+VAT for Hazardous and Non-Hazardpus Wastes, 3.000 TRY+VAT for all other sectors) prior to the validation audit to be conducted by an independent audit company. This fee includes the evaluation of an independent audit company and a two-year membership cost, provided that the verification is positive.
  • Upon self-evaluation, an independent audit company visits companies satisfying the relevant criteria and inspects the suitability of their answers to the questions.
  • Companies registered to the KoçZer Supplier Management System are deemed to have accepted that an Independent Audit Company will audit the accuracy of their answers provided in the questionnaires.
  • Companies that fail to satisfy the criteria determined based on self-evaluation or audit-proof cannot be included in the KoçZer Supplier Management System and make offers to KoçZer.
  • Companies with a positive self-evaluation and audit-proof are included in the KoçZer Supplier Management System for two years with the ability to make offers in their approved industries.
  • However, suppliers with the required criteria can re-apply for self-evaluation and audit-proof. There is no number and time limitation.
  • The eligibility status earned by suppliers based on self-evaluation and audit-proof is valid for two years. At the due date, the eligibility status and audit-proof are repeated. Companies are required to satisfy the eligibility status as they are active or make a new offer.

What does KoçZer's Supplier Management System offer?

  • Allows each candidate company in the industry to apply to KoçZer to make an offer equally,
  • Ensures the equal evaluation of each candidate company based on predetermined requirements,
  • Provides each company that satisfies general and industrial criteria with the ability to be included in the KoçZer-approved supplier pool and make an offer in KoçZer's tenders.

In case you have questions, the contact number of the Supplier Management System Support Line:

+90 216 556 01 98

Benefits provided to your company by being included in KoçZer Supplier Management System

  • You can save time, resources, and costs allocated to promote your products & services and reach new clients.
  • By accessing our client portfolio with over 1000 companies, you can introduce your products & services to a broader audience, thus growing your business volume.
  • With the ability to include your products in our ZerOnline platform, the online address for corporate orders, you can also provide our clients with digital channels to reach your products.
  • By finding out the industry-specific innovations and new trends in procurement and supply chain management, thanks to the know-how and experience of our professional team, you can discover the expectations and emerging needs of our clients, thus designing your products and services accordingly.
  • You can enable your service and product-based changes and cost improvement suggestions to reach large masses swiftly.
  • With our corporate client portfolio, you can not only close high-volume sales but also fortify your procurement power based on your sales volume and lower your material and production costs.
  • You can manage your inventory, boost your operational efficiency, and leverage your time and resources more effectively.
  • Taking sustainable collaboration opportunities with long-term contracts, you can securely design your investments and future production activities.

Guaranteed Collections

We know that making collections is the process you ponder the most in your commercial activities. At KoçZer, our collaboration with our suppliers prioritizes realizing the collections within the contract-based periods without any delay. Accordingly, we closely monitor your collection activities, helping you experience a safe process without any loss. With contracts including warranties, we ensure that your legal rights are preserved.

Launched in 2018, our Supplier Financing System enables our suppliers that collaborate with KoçZer to collect their due receivables anytime, without pushing their bank credit limits. Thus, we are always on our suppliers' side, even in challenging economic circumstances.

Join KoçZer's safe ecosystem and boost your business volume with its sustainable solution partnership.