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Procurement Management

Our procurement management services transform strategies into actions, helping our clients optimize their procurement processes and reach operational excellence.

As the leading strategic procurement and sourcing management company in Turkey, we have been offering services for almost 20 years with our know-how, strategic business partnerships, and technology solutions for our business partners to reach their goals.

Delivering corporate procurement and purchasing services in over 130 categories, we are aware that we do a critical job that ensures trade continuity. We meticulously follow the dynamics in all the primary and sub-industries in which we offer service while expanding our know-how in corresponding fields. Being in contact with various industries each day boosts our forecasting ability, allowing us to be ready for potential market fluctuations and provide our clients with the best solutions on time.


Why KoçZer?

  • At KoçZer, we embrace the challenges faced by each of our clients in their business processes as our challenges.
  • To offer the optimum solution, we help our clients at every stage of the procurement process, including alternative supply channels, transportation modes, various partnerships, contract clauses, providing them with suggestions and planning everything together.
  • Our long-term partnerships bring us closer to our clients, thereby allowing us to become like-minded. Thus, we help them develop a more solid and flexible supply management reflex.
  • With Turkey's largest supplier and buyer ecosystem that we expand each day, we take the pulse of commerce, thereby offering the ability to manage its costs and risks.