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Category Management

At KoçZer, we help procurement teams increase their savings via our industry teams, each professional in logistics, materials, services, and media. We also enhance supplier performance, reduce procurement risks, and promote continuous operation improvement, contributing to your sustainable growth.

Considering volatile commodities, such as raw materials, market dynamics can generate unanticipated risks and opportunities. However, periodic monitoring and meticulous analysis of market trends are essential to utilize the ups and bypass the downs. By predicting potential outcomes, KoçZer's professional industry teams help you always stay one step ahead, take the necessary actions on time, and plan your costs among significant categories efficiently. Our experienced teams specialized in monitoring determining factors, including price fluctuations, resource shortage, and changes in demand, uncover the opportunities in the categories we follow. The insights obtained by periodic monitoring allow our clients to convert prospects into positive business outputs.


With category management services, what advantages does KoçZer provide to your company?

  • Ability to receive real-time market intelligence about suppliers and categories
  • Best practices and industrial examples
  • Sensitive category planning including projection and budgeting
  • Supplier performance tracking
  • Proactive contract assessments and renewals
  • Decrease in the need for non-contractual procurement
  • Ability to measure and track savings
  • Cost-effective management