Domestic Logistics Services

With solutions combining strategy, know-how, and technology, we are here to help you in domestic logistics services as well. We offer procurement solutions, including alternative road and railway transport models based on the properties, quantity, and specs of the product to be transported as well as the needs of our clients. Our professional business partners operating in the transportation industry allow you to utilize fast and safe domestic logistics services.


With our procurement experience in domestic highway transportation services, we produce comprehensive and optimum customer solutions. Collaborating with the transportation industry's leading business partners, we provide optimum customer satisfaction. We benefit from the scale economy and save money and time for our clients, creating added value via our experienced team.

Our Services

  • Transport of plates
  • Transport of production materials (milk-run) and spare parts
  • Transport of raw materials and products in food products industry
  • Supply of white goods, durable consumer products
  • Transport of private and commercial vehicles in automotive industry
  • Partial transportation from 81 cities to 81 cities
  • Standard cargo transport for files, packages, crates, and documents
  • Special deliveries (express delivery, delivery on the same day, Cyprus deliveries, etc.)

However, our procurement services in transportation are not limited to these areas. Based on your requests, we also provide solutions related to your low-bed (semi-trailer) and tanker transport needs for your loads with sizes, lengths, widths, or weights that cannot be transported by regular trucks or lorries.

What is included in our domestic road transport service across Turkey?

We ensure that your transport needs are accurately identified based on the consultancy of our team with comprehensive knowledge of geography and the area of activity it serves. We identify the optimum domestic transport procurement method and create your logistics management plan based on your requests. The far-reaching supplier pool we manage enables us to follow many industries closely. Thus, we can regularly inform you of the data we have regarding the industrial developments and identify the procurement strategy that will work for you in the best possible way.



Thanks to the completion of the railroad beds and infrastructure operations, the launch of the new logistics villages, and the advancement of train management, the significance and effectiveness of domestic rail transport service are constantly increasing. Today, the railway is an alternative transport vehicle preferred by companies thanks to its cost-effectiveness, eco-friendliness, and its smooth operation even in adverse weather conditions. With our professional staff, we, at KoçZer, offer the most suitable solutions for your supply chain in railway transport service, ensuring that you have the optimum efficiency via your logistics process management.

Door to Door Delivery

As KoçZer, we have a certificate of organizer authorization, professional staff, and strategic business partners in railway logistics. Thus, we provide hassle-free transportation of all kinds of products and materials, creating project-based cost advantages. Within the context of our service, we also organize transit road deliveries between the station and departure-arrival locations. Thus, we ensure that door-to-door delivery is achieved, offering service across Turkey. With KoçZer and its business partners, companies transporting their products by road can also utilize the extensiveness of railway logistics. Consequently, companies save money and protect the environment by reducing their carbon footprint.


Cargo And Courier Service

Besides road and railway transport, we also offer procurement solutions to our clients in cargo and courier service field. Our procurement solutions concerning your needs, such as partial/spare part cargo delivery, motor courier/dedicated courier, and collective delivery, enable you to achieve advantages in terms of time and cost. Your cargoes arrive at their destination addresses quickly and safely. While selecting vendors, we perform evaluations and inspections based on the standards we recognize. Our professional, competent, and reliable suppliers are working to deliver the optimum cargo and courier service to you.