International Logistics Procurement

At KoçZer, we maintain our outstanding service approach in sea, land, and rail transport in our international logistics procurement services. With our broad agency network, we meet the needs of transportation services, a significant part of supply chain management, guaranteeing smooth management of the supply chain and logistics. Moreover, Turkey's leading companies help you satisfy your international transportation and shipping needs.


With our extensive and dynamic collaboration network, we demonstrate our outstanding sea container transport service capability. At KoçZer, we collaborate with industry-leading business partners in the world's sea transportation trade, managing Turkey’s greatest sea container service procurement process with export, import, and transit volume we conduct via over 3,000 locations in 100 different countries.

We are stronger together!

KoçZer’s expertise in strategic procurement and sourcing management as well as its experience merge with the power of its clients, business partners, and suppliers. With the logistic optimization projects (4PL), hubs, milk-run and mod change projects, and joint project suggestions of our clients, we produce particular and alternative corporate logistics solutions for your company during procurement processes.


Container Transport Service

At KoçZer, we readily offer various options such as truck, rail, or barge in the final transportation modes of sea shipments. As an alternative to the transit times of road transport, KoçZer continues to optimize your operational process via its sea, railway, and road express services with the help of its business partners.

KoçZer's supplier pool with an extensive agency network in partial sea transport worldwide manages Turkey's largest freight transportation volume. Besides organizing your partial shipments ideally, we, as KoçZer, provide outstanding cost advantage by consolidating LLP projects and optimizing your processes.

Within the scope of export-import-transit sea transportation services, KoçZer provides options such as complete and partial container transportation, open cargo, ISO tank, and Ro-Ro.

Domestic Shipping Transportation Service

In terms of sea transport, we provide complete and partial domestic transport solutions from all ports to warehouses, warehouses to ports, and unloading warehouses in Turkey with our container included transport service. With our solid and qualified supplier portfolio with each identified based on specific criteria, we also deliver flat rack, open-top container, and dumper truck transport service besides the standard container domestic transport with a delivery volume exceeding 150,000 per year.

Besides providing transportation service via trucks, we also transport via railways within sustainability and green logistics. We also offer container yard service as well as domestic shipping services. When needed, we can store the delivery containers in the yard area for later use to provide you with a cost advantage. At KoçZer, we follow the industrial developments in sea and domestic transport, designing our processes based on these factors. We maintain our front-runner and leading position in Turkey with the volume we manage in railway included shipping transport.

International Road Transportation

With all its power, KoçZer is with you for international transport as well. We provide procurement services to our clients in the import, export, and transit road transport for all complete and partial loads. Based on the quality, properties, and quantity of the load to be transported, our corporate logistics solutions involve 4PL services, which provide the analysis and optimization of the available logistics networks of our clients.

Thanks to our power, know-how, and experience in the international transport procurement industry, we can offer you a service exceeding your expectations at any point we can reach by road. While selecting vendors, we perform evaluations and inspections based on the standards we recognize. Our professional, competent, and reliable suppliers are working to deliver you the optimum road logistics service. This meticulous approach allows us to build the long-term client-supplier relation we aim for.

Services We Provide Industry-Based Procurement Solution

  • International road transportation carried by standard taut or box type semi-trailer trucks
  • Project and exhibition transport
  • Transports conducted by car hauler, low-bed, with dampers /pool (Hardox), and ISO tank vehicle types
  • Minivan vehicle options, as an alternative to air, for urgent shipments
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We provide services with an authorized title as an organizer in domestic and foreign railway transport fields. Our international railway transport procurement service includes railway procurement solutions for our clients' import, export, and transit transport needs. We offer international railway logistics service via all container types, especially 45’ HC or conventional wagons, based on the quality, properties, and quantity of the transport load. Enduring the common use of railway container transport, we allow companies to increase their cost advantage and reduce their carbon footprints.