Office Consumables Procurement Services

As KoçZer, we created an assistance catalog including a wide range of products that will support your business processes. We offer an extensive range of procurement services such as cleaning materials, food materials, stationery, computer consumables, photocopy paper, promotional products, working clothes, and pandemic-related products. Moreover, we focus on the strategic procurement processes of our customers and help them save on time, money, and labor.

Food and Cleaning Materials

Our procurement service at KoçZer for food and cleaning materials involves optimum solutions to offices, hospitals, hotels, factories, and other businesses, meeting their needs such as cleaning, basic food, and non-food products.

We deliver services to Turkey's leading companies and ensure the supply of food and cleaning materials they use in their factories and offices. We perform the wholesale of cleaning products through our competent vendor network, ensuring that you can always have hygienic conditions in your workplace. While selecting vendors, we conduct evaluations and inspections based on the standards we recognize. Having the technical equipment required by the industry, our vendor pool for food and cleaning materials involves solution partners approved by independent auditors. Our professional team and reliable solution partners supply cleaning, cleaning chemicals, food materials, and non-food products at affordable prices across Turkey.

Products Included in Our Procurement Service

Cleaning and non-food products

  • Cleaning consumables (cleaning cloths, kitchen sponges, etc.)
  • Cleaning chemicals (bleach, anti-odors, etc.)
  • Cleaning papers (paper towels, etc.)
  • Disposable non-food materials (garbage bags, etc.)

Food products

  • Supply packages
  • Tea, coffee, sugar
  • Other food materials


  • Paper cups
  • Plastic cups

Focus On Your Business Processes,
Let KoçZer Handle The Rest

Our procurement solutions for office supplies and stationery include a variety of end-to-end processes from the procurement of the products to delivery to your desk. While we provide the office supplies you need, you can focus on your business processes more readily. Thus, you can boost the speed and efficiency of your work while saving on money, time, and labor.


Stationery, Copy Paper,
and Computer Consumables

Our procurement service for stationery materials, photocopying paper, and computer consumables, all office materials you need is at your disposal. At KoçZer, our procurement solutions for office supplies involve supplying various stationery products A4 paper, pens, blackboards, cardboard folders, plastic folders, files, desktop utensils, document shelves, sticky note pads, and calculators you need in your offices and production areas.

Promotional Products

With our procurement service for promotional products, we deliver you procurement solutions for promotional materials with or without logo, gifts, VIPs, and promotional campaign products you utilize in your company's marketing activities.

Optimum Quality and Profit at Affordable Prices

With our vendor pool consisting of our solutions partners who deliver the innovation and creativity required by the industry with approval by independent auditors, we ensure the supply of promotional products, gifts, VIPs, and campaign products supporting sales included in the promotion category, with or without a logo or customized upon demand. With the wide range of products by our vendors, you can promptly access the promotional products with the quality and variety you need at the most budget-friendly prices.

Products Included in Our Procurement Service

  • Pen sets
  • Keyholders
  • Wall clocks
  • Lighters
  • USB flash disks
  • Umbrellas
  • Outdoor products
  • Lanyards for name tags
  • Powerbanks
  • Promotional textile products (scarfs, t-shirts, vests, etc.),
  • Magnets
  • Detergents
  • Stationery products
  • Thermoses, flasks
  • Crystal plaques
  • Medals
  • Electric torches
  • Electronic products
  • Charging cables
  • Bags
  • Watches

Work Clothing

At KoçZer, our procurement service for work clothing includes procurement solutions for your needs such as work uniforms, regular shoes, safety shoes, and exclusive work clothing to provide your field staff's work safety and comfort in the working environment.

Products Included in Our Procurement Service

  • Work clothes for factories
  • Clothes for service and dealers
  • Fireproof work clothes
  • Anti-static work clothes
  • Union shoes and shoe checks
  • Electric arc protective work clothes
  • Heat resistant work clothes
  • Waterproof work clothes
  • Work clothes for hotels and hospitals
  • Custom work clothes

Boutique Solutions for Your Production Processes

With our procurement power, professional team, know-how, and reliable control mechanism, we conduct the management of procurement processes for work clothes and shoes for Turkey's most valuable brands. At KoçZer, our procurement service for work clothes involves each process, from the designs of the models to their supply and delivery to the doorsteps of our customers. When required, our professional technical team visits your working environment and identifies the most suitable work clothes, shoes, or safety materials for you. Considering the safety of your employees, we take into account all the factors in your work environment and ensure the supply of alternative products when necessary. If you are looking for a particular work uniform, we can offer you a design tailored to your need, deliver its sample, and provide the supply of the product based on your choice.

Pandemic-Related Products

As KoçZer, we have promptly included pandemic-related products in our assistance catalog since the COVID-19 conditions entered our lives. Our procurement service for pandemic-related products involves the procurement process of all the protective and hygienic products you may need during the pandemic period. During this challenging pandemic, we also offer procurement services at affordable prices and with sustainable quality via the vendors we selected based on our top-level service standards. Considering your health, we streamline your procurement processes for pandemic-related products and help you save time and money.

Products Included in Our Procurement Service

  • Surgical masks
  • Disinfecting agents
  • Antigen kits
  • Gloves
  • Antibacterial gels
  • Colognes