Raw Material Procurement And Sale Service

With raw material procurement and sale service solutions in chemical materials and industrial gases, you can experience optimum customer satisfaction and easily meet the best suppliers for your procurement processes. Following the market constantly, we always have a grasp of the current market conditions. Without compromising on quality, we receive assistance from independent audit companies, assess the product-related documents submitted by the suppliers, and start procurement processes if deemed appropriate.

Fast and agile!

At KoçZer, we launched our pig iron / raw material sales project, among the greatest achievements of KoçZer, in 2019-2020 while searching for a solution to the problem of supplying “pig iron” from abroad at extremely high costs. After finding suppliers from various countries for this material imported from abroad, we executed joint procurement agreements and shipped the raw material to Turkey. Thanks to the project to find a speedy and agile solution to a client problem, KoçZer has become our country's leading pig iron supplier. When approximately 50,000 tons of pig iron were traded, Turkey's market prices decreased significantly, while a cost advantage of million dollars was achieved.

The pig iron project's success inspired KoçZer to join the procurement processes of various raw materials. At KoçZer, we have started to supply raw materials demanded by industries such as plastic, paper, feed, especially iron and steel, from varying geographies. Today, we maintain our search for diverse supply channels and discover new solutions that will decrease production costs to optimum levels. First, we collect client needs and then commence the agreement process with the manufacturers. After shaking hands, we execute the procurement.


Raw Materials Included in Our Procurement and Sourcing Service

In terms of raw materials, KoçZer conducts both foreign procurements and sales.

Procurement Services

International Supply

  • Ferrous and non-ferrous scrap
  • Pig iron
  • Recycled raw materials and scrap (OCC / mixed paper, plastic scrap)

Domestic Supply

  • Pig iron
  • Scrap

Sale Service (Abroad)

  • Ferrous and non-ferrous scrap
  • Billet
  • Rebar
  • HRC (Hot-rolled coil)
  • Wire rod
  • Recycled raw material