teknik ve endustriyel malzemeler

Technical and Industrial Materials

We offer comprehensive procurement solutions for technical materials to meet your needs in all industries, such as hand tools, welded assembly equipment, consumables, measuring tools, lighting and electrical products, cutting edges, mold components, and abrasive groups. Besides your needs for procurement of all kinds of technical and industrial materials, you can also meet your occupational safety material needs.

Technical and Industrial Materials

You can readily trust Zer’s expertise in strategic procurement and sourcing management as well as experience in technical equipment procurement. With our far-reaching procurement service, we provide hardware and technical consumables needs of Turkey's leading companies operating in many industries such as white goods, energy, automotive and sub-industry, defense industry, replacement part, fuel, and fast-moving consumer goods. At Zer, we receive support from our contracted brands under our customers' processes, when necessary, and visit their production facility. We identify the best product or alternative products with the best benefit, providing cost, time, and labor-saving advantages.


Products Included in Our Procurement Service

  • Hardware products
  • Mechanical hand tools
  • Pneumatic hand tools
  • Electrical hand tools
  • Abrasives
  • Special cutter kits
  • Cutting inserts
  • Drill bits
  • Milling bits
  • Measuring tools
  • Welded assembly equipments
  • Connection elements
  • Industrial oils
  • Electricity boards
  • Mold components
  • Steels for moulds, tools, and dies
  • Construction materials
  • Electrical cables
  • Sensors
  • Switchgear and automation material group
  • Lighting products
  • Roller-belt-pulley group
teknik ve endustriyel malzemeler

Occupational Safety Materials

At Zer, we consider occupational safety a highly serious, significant, and sensitive issue. In line with this understanding, we manage Turkey's most valuable brands' occupational safety material procurement processes. You can utilize Zer's extensive safety products catalog to protect your employees' health, block potential work accidents, and create a safe working environment. At Zer, we offer you protective equipment via our occupational safety material procurement solutions to ensure the comfort and safety of your employees in the working environment.

While creating a healthy and safe working environment, we receive support from our contracted brands under our customers' processes when necessary, visit your production facility with our professional staff, and identify the most suitable equipment for occupational safety on-site. We identify the relevant occupational safety materials by assessing and considering each factor and potential risk. Thanks to our procurement power, professional staff, know-how, and reliable control mechanisms, you can focus on your production processes without worrying about cost, benefit, and safety.

Products Included in Our Procurement Service

  • Hand Protection: Work gloves, cuffs, wristbands
  • Body Protection: Overalls, technical clothing
  • Foot Protection: Shoes, boots
  • Eye Protection: Googles, visor
  • Hearing Protection: Earplugs, headphones
  • Head Protection: Helmet
  • Respiratory Protection: Full / Half face masks - dust masks and spares