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Market Research

KoçZer is always here for you with procurement solutions in a versatile and key industry such as market research services. At KoçZer, our brand and market research procurement consultation service offers solutions tailored to your needs for all kinds of research, including customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, brand research, image and reputation montaging within the framework of special research. Many brands leveraging the research results conducted via qualitative and quantitative methodologies and operating in different industries stand out in the competition in their target markets.

We continue to offer consultation services to our partners per their needs and briefs via our market research service launched in 2021. We facilitate coordination between research companies and the brand, managing the whole process collectively. According to the brief, we determine our clients' needs and finalize the procurement processes with the research company best suited to work with. We then offer our consultation services in the research's pre-research, field stage, and reporting processes.

Cost Saving with Joint Procurement

Within our research services, we choose our solution partners with our business partner's brand team according to the criteria determined for the projects that will be devised. We share our briefs with the research companies and collect their quotes in our procurement processes. After collecting quotes, we evaluate the quote of each company individually. Thus, we can provide all cost items at optimum prices and help you save on HR and time-based costs.