medya satin alma hizmeti

Media Procurement Service

For almost 20 years, we have supported many companies operating in various industries with our consultancy and media procurement services in the Turkish advertising market. With our experienced team, solid business model, and solution-focused approach, our service includes mass media such as TV, newspaper, radio, cinema, magazine, outdoor, and local media. In addition, while executing the production, post-production and photography services of all commercials and related visuals, which are an important input of media purchasing and planning; dealer, customer and market research procurement services are also provided by KoçZer. We ensure you utilize the right marketing channels, helping you reinforce your campaign strategies. As an advantage of collaborating with KoçZer, you can access the communication and media channels that allow your advertising campaigns to reach the target audience and boost your brand awareness.

We constantly improve our sales-oriented business model, thus creating the optimum advantage for our business partners. We help our brands achieve their communication goals in the most cost-efficient way by turning our commercial volume to their benefit.