Production Services

KoçZer is always here for you with procurement solutions in a versatile and key industry such as the media! Our production procurement consultancy service includes solutions tailored to your company for your production, post-production, and photography production needs.

In 2015, we started to offer post-production procurement services. Later in 2019, we included film and photography production solutions in our services and expanded our scope and area of specialization. Thus, we have started to offer procurement service of the production process of all media content to companies operating in production. Through our centralized services, we produce optimum solutions based on the needs of your brand. We manage the entire process in a consolidated and end-to-end manner by ensuring coordination among creative agencies, production companies, and post-production companies.

Using advertising channels accurately at the right time, we allow you to reach your target audience directly while ensuring effective production service. As KoçZer, we identify your brand needs and turn your media planning and procurement processes into fast, effective, and productive ones.

Cost Savings with Mass Procurement

For the projects to be produced, as KoçZer, we choose the creative agency of the project and our solution partners operating in the production sector according to the standards we have determined. We conduct our procurement process using e-tendering and contractually offer our post-production service with special pricing. Thus, we can provide all cost items at optimum prices and help you save on HR/hour-based costs.