Facility Management

We produce "single-source" solutions for the service needs of all kinds of facilities and support the management of living spaces with the optimum methods with our procurement solutions. We provide assurance for the best quality service and management while you turn towards more strategic issues with cost savings and ease of procurement via a single source.

Garden Maintenance And
Landscaping Service Procurement Solutions

At KoçZer, we are here to help you with procurement solutions in the garden maintenance and landscape services field as well. We offer services for your needs such as landscape gardening, flower procurement and maintenance, landscape design, grass maintenance, roll grass procurement, garden decoration, and garden grass for factories, offices, shopping malls, hospitals, workplace campuses, and many more. Within the scope of our procurement services, we perform on-site examinations based on our clients' requests and identify their landscaping needs. We offer a cost advantage to our clients by producing greater scales in landscape and garden service.

Profitable Solutions by Yearly Plans

We offer a profitable business strategy for your garden maintenance needs. Firstly, we identify your needs and open a tender to select the most suitable company for you. As a result of the tender, we enable you to sign an annual contract with a single authorized company for landscape maintenance and decoration services in all kinds of facilities, removing the contract processes and procedures you would have to perform with different companies for each work.


Construction, Repair and Periodic Technical Maintenance Service Procurement Solutions

Within the scope of maintenance and repair services, we offer transparent and budget-friendly solutions for the construction, mechanical and electrical maintenance, repair, and periodic technical maintenance needs of locations such as factories, industrial facilities, offices, shopping centers, retail stores, and workplace campuses.

We conduct procurement processes regarding the periodic technical maintenance of your available devices, equipment, and machines. With our solution offering periodic technical maintenance, our goal is to enable the process to become more trackable and simple by receiving the service as a package via a single company without the need to conclude multiple contracts with the authorized services of all devices.

Cleaning Service Procurement Solutions

As KoçZer, we manage the cleaning service procurement processes of Turkey’s most valuable brands. We offer procurement solutions, including all cleaning activities performed in company management such as general cleaning services and office cleaning, post-construction cleaning, and facade cleaning in all workplaces such as factories, businesses, schools, hospitals, banks, and stores.

Solutions Tailored to Your Company

With KoçZer’s cleaning personnel procurement solutions, you can get service from a professional, experienced staff and solid business partners. When required, our professional team visits your working environment for on-site inspection. Thus, we deliver the complete identification of your cleaning personnel service needs.

Disinfection Service
Procurement Solutions

Undoubtedly, disinfection services have been one of the services needed the most during the pandemic period. At KoçZer, we care about the health of your employees as much as you. Thus, we provide disinfection services across Turkey without the minimum square meters requirement within the context of our disinfection service procurement solutions. Maintaining our outstanding service quality understanding, we utilize biocidal-licensed products approved by the Ministry of Health in disinfection services. We guarantee an efficient disinfection service for 3 months with the Nano Clear Ag Plus product, developed against COVID-19, with silver ion technology with efficiency proven by an accredited laboratory.