Investment Projects

As KoçZer, within our project management and technical consultancy services, we manage the end-to-end feasibility, design, auction, time, budget, and quality control processes of all kinds of industrial facilities, manufacturing buildings, spare part and material storages, R&D and technology centres, special structures such as hospitals, hotels and schools, offices, and investment projects.

KoçZer has the solution for Research and Analyses Needed for Uninterrupted Business Continuity!

As KoçZer, we offer our services in having all structures' earthquake safety and performance analyses conducted within our service of "providing uninterrupted business continuity".

The services below are also included;

  • Having seismic analyses of buildings done in the most practical and safest level based on the TBDY 2019 (Earthquake Building Code of Turkey), Eurocode 8 (European Seismic Code) and ASCE 41-17 (American Seismic Code for Existing Buildings),
  • Depending on the analysis results, if there are any safety risks, having reinforcement projects prepared to prevent them,
  • In difficult and long-term projects, having the suited technological (viscous damper, frictional damper, isolators etc.) products used besides the traditional construction techniques,
  • Keeping the buildings under control by implementing structural health monitoring systems,
  • Archiving and updating all kinds of data on buildings by building a digital platform,
  • Depending on the analysis results, if a reinforcement is necessary, offering project management and technical consultation services to the construction firms.

Project Management and Technical Consultancy Services

The services we offer within project management and technical consultancy are:

  • Having feasibility operations that include pre-design, budget, and duration information prepared and reported,
  • Having the architecture, statics, mechanics, and electricity application projects prepared with the project owners,
  • Having the turn-key auction package that includes technical specifications, survey lists, unit price offers, and tender specifications prepared,
  • Having the firms that will be invited to the auction evaluated and reported,
  • Auction process management,
  • Contract preparation,
  • Field management,
  • Employee health and safety supervision discipline,
  • Work program,
  • Quality Control,
  • Cost-reducing solution offers,
  • Evaluation of the contractor's claims,
  • Budget tracking,
  • Organization of material tests and experiments,
  • Temporary acceptance,
  • Final acceptance,
  • Process management consultation with the official authorities if requested (permit, settlement, GSM document, EIA report).