Labor Force Rental And Procurement Services

We offer custom procurement solutions for outsourcing staff, equipment, transport, and facility management services within labor force rental services. With its experienced employees, far-reaching supplier network, and professional approach, KoçZer is here to help you anytime.

Call Center Service Procurement Solutions

We are here for you with our call center procurement solutions with the ability to increase your customer satisfaction. We provide budget-friendly and high-quality solutions for your call center needs, including services such as answering service, outbound calls, surveys, technological outsourcing management, electronic archiving, service, and office.

Occupational Health And Safety Personnel Service Procurement Solutions

As KoçZer, we are the only company that offers procurement services all around Turkey in occupational health and safety (OHS) services. With our procurement services that include workplace physicians, nurses and, OSH professionals under the conditions and at times required by law, we meet all your needs in this field. Following your OHS processes closely, we aim to minimize the risks you face in this field.

You can collaborate with KoçZer, the only company providing services across Turkey for OHS service procurement solutions, and save cost, time, and labor.

Pandemic-Specific Solutions

We are also here to help you during the pandemic period regarding your OHS needs. We offer testing services, including on-site sampling and reporting of results for at least 10 people, for PCR and Antibody Testing applied to ensure healthy working conditions in the workplace.


Photocopier Procurement And Rental Services

We manage a machinery pool of nearly 5,000 devices, including MFPs (multifunctional printers), printers, laser printers, and photocopiers across Turkey, creating solutions for all kinds of copying, printing, and scanning needs of our clients.

Our photocopier procurement and rental service include photocopier and printer procurement, long-term rental, and the later per-copy maintenance processes for businesses such as offices, factories, banks, hospitals, shipyards, etc. You can promptly start utilizing the devices your company needs for a monthly fixed rental fee without paying initial costs. This advantageous service allows you to save cost and time by removing the problem of procurement or disposing of photocopiers off your shoulders.

Free-of-Charge Toner And Service Support

KoçZer's photocopier procurement and rental service solutions come to your rescue in case your device malfunctions or your consumables run out. You can also replace consumables such as cartridges, toners, drums, etc., free of charge via our per-copy maintenance service provided to you for the photocopiers you procure or rent. Moreover, our stock-based working model allows you to place orders before your device’s toner runs out and continue your work without interruption. Within the scope of our warranty service, all your service requests, except user faults, are satisfied, free of charge.

Private Security Service Procurement Solutions

With our private security service procurement solutions, we, at KoçZer, satisfy your indoor or outdoor, armed or unarmed security personnel needs at various locations such as general directorates, factories, businesses, hotels, education institutions, marinas, and banks. We have a supplier pool in the private security service industry consisting of Turkey’s leading companies. Thanks to our professional staff, know-how, and procurement power in this field, we offer optimum solutions to our clients and maximize customer satisfaction.

Legal and Thorough Service

For our clients with private security service needs, we collaborate with private security companies operating under Law No. 5188 on Private Security Services and create legitimate procurement solutions. With our on-site examinations, we fully identify the needs of our customers, partner with the industry's leading private security companies, and deliver private security officers, unarmed or armed security service, and patrol services across Turkey.

Forklift And Warehouse Equipment Procurement, Rental, And Maintenance Procurement Solutions

Our forklift and warehouse equipment rental, procurement, and maintenance services include profitable and long-term solutions for your needs for industrial equipment used for transportation or stacking at factories and warehouses.

Utilize the Full-Service Advantage of KoçZer

With our warehouse procurement and rental service, we are a solution partner for Turkey’s leading companies operating in various industries. According to the standards we determine, we create solutions, via our extensive supplier network with required qualifications, for your needs for all kinds of forklift and warehouse equipment, including electric forklift, diesel or LPG forklift, reach truck, turret truck, pallet truck, platform hoist, and tow. We provide accurate and complete identification of your needs via on-site examinations of our professional staff. Moreover, we offer full service and maintenance service for our clients seeking post-sales assistance.

Support Personnel Provision Service Procurement Solutions

We offer procurement solutions for the needs of personnel that provide support services for operations other than cleaning services.

Minimum Risk, Maximum Assurance

We manage a broad sub-contractor staff while delivering support personnel provision procurement services. At KoçZer, we closely follow our clients’ operational processes based on business law regulations, aiming to minimize risks and deliver optimum service quality. With our professional staff, comprehensive knowledge, and solid control mechanisms, we deliver optimum solutions to our clients for their courier service personnel, service personnel, porter, communication, and service personnel needs.

Roadside Assistance, Tow Truck, Replacement Vehicle, And Other Assistant Services Procurement Solutions

Besides call center service procurement solutions, we also offer roadside assistance, tow truck, replacement vehicle, and other assistant services procurement solutions. A call center number is provided to the companies that obtain roadside assistance services. Thus, when these companies call the call center, KoçZer's roadside assistance service suppliers respond to them. The caller shares the issue with the person who answers the call. Then, after a swift evaluation process, the necessary help is provided. Within the context of this service, we partner with Turkey's leading roadside assistance companies and offer you a far-reaching supplier network who are professional in their fields. Thanks to our transparent and competitive working principles, we, at KoçZer, continue to offer innovative solutions with the ability to deliver you optimum advantages and cost savings.