Personnel Transportation Services

With our experienced team and professional approach, we, as KoçZer, offer top-level procurement solutions in transportation services. With KoçZer, you can readily and promptly access convenient and safe transportation services based on your private personnel and service transportation needs. You can have happier customers with more comfortable personnel transportation processes via our rental car service managed end-to-end!

Private personnel transportation

As KoçZer, we are here for you with the private personnel transportation procurement service you need anytime, anywhere. With our fleet of passenger cars, minibuses, and VIP vehicles, we create private personnel transportation solutions for your exclusive events or other days. Moreover, we also provide procurement solutions for your airport transfer and personnel transportation needs.


Considering the comfort of your company and employees, we carried our private personnel transportation service onto a mobile platform via our app called "Araçiste" (meaning request a vehicle). If you are interested in introducing this technology to your company, having transparent expense tracking processes, and providing your employees with the convenience of creating a vehicle request in just three simple steps, meet our Araçiste app.

  • With the end-to-end managed car rental service, your employees are happier, and your personnel transportation processes are more comfortable!

  • Comfortable and safe transfer services

  • Easy and fast solutions for private personnel transportation

Collaborate With KoçZer For Safe And Comfortable Travel

Tapping into our procurement service solutions for private personnel transportation, our goal is to help you enhance your business processes and eliminate the risks posed by daily disruptions. Our top model vehicles and professional team allow you to travel safely and comfortably from your departure until your destination point.

As KoçZer, we rank foremost among our competitors with our procurement service solutions for private personnel transportation. While delivering our services, we work hand in hand with leading companies in the industry. Cooperating with KoçZer, you can utilize our personnel transportation system with hygienic and quality vehicles driven by reliable drivers with the necessary competencies and save time and money. With KoçZer's private personnel transportation service, your employees can travel safely and comfortably and attend their meetings with high motivation and without feeling weariness after traveling. Having a quality transport service allows you to have more efficient business processes.

Personnel Service Transportation

As KoçZer, we offer comprehensive and optimum solutions for your procurement service needs in the field of personnel service transportation. With our timely, safe, and convenient transportation service, we allow your employees to travel comfortably and safely on the route you like. We help you maintain optimum employee satisfaction via our personnel transportation service.

Professional Team and a Fleet of Top Model Vehicles

Our goal is to deliver quality service with our top model vehicles from your departure to your destination point by collaborating with professional personnel transportation companies. Thanks to the assistance of our professional team and top model service vehicles and tracking systems provided by our vendors delivering high-performance services, we ensure the transportation of your employees based on the latest legal regulations. Equipped with GPS systems that allow you to perform speed control and vehicle tracking, our vehicles guarantee the safety of your trips.

With our "Zervis" platform, we digitalized our personnel transportation procurement service via smart tracking integrations. Using Zervis, you can instantly access all the information you need, such as the route control of the personnel shuttles and in-car occupancy rate, and automatically calculate distance-based progress payments. Zervis's solution-oriented system allows your company to save money, time, and labor.