satin alma ve tedarik zinciri danismanligi

Procurement and Supply Chain Consultancy

Procurement and supply chain's role in business processes is increasingly becoming more significant each day. Efficient procurement and supply chain management boost operational efficiency while reducing costs. Today, CPOs and procurement leaders partner with strategic partners to mitigate risks, generate competitive advantage, and promote corporate growth, thereby expanding and transforming their businesses.

Turkey's first and sole strategic procurement and sourcing management company, we, at KoçZer, help corporate companies and industrial institutions build and manage high-performance supply organizations.

At KoçZer, we merge strategy and technology with your business processes via our almost 20 years of expertise in transforming supply processes, providing procurement and supply chain teams with groundbreaking business outcomes. Leveraging our industrial know-how and professional staff, we guide you towards a new operating model and bring your company to the future. As a reliable business partner, we are here for you with our expertise in each procurement and supply chain process, including specifications, contracts, supplier selection, and supplier performance management.


Together we can make your business more resilient!

Today, everything is becoming more unpredictable and compelling with constantly-changing priorities and challenging risk management, raising the need to adapt. Thus, companies prioritize being ready and equipping themselves against all kinds of uncertainties. Considering these global developments, companies will need procurement and supply chain management more than ever to manage their operations, costs, and risks effectively.

With procurement and supply chain management, companies can have solid projections by interacting with the outside world, manage their costs and risks, and reach more enduring structures by leading strategic issues such as digital transformation and innovation. With its expertise, experience, and technology, KoçZer is the address that can satisfy the primary needs of companies in today's world.