Strategic Cost Management

While the economy faces vulnerabilities, cost management, the efficiency goal in procurement operations, is increasingly becoming more critically important for each large, medium, or small-sized company.

As the first and largest company in the Turkish procurement and sourcing management industry, we provide cost management services to companies via our vision of being an efficiency and excellence centre in procurement.

During our process analysis, we value both direct and bulky and small-sized but frequent procurements. We develop cost-saving models for your indirect procurement with our know-how in category management. We offer service procurement at optimum costs via our quote collection and tender consultancy.

Considering that the basis of the supply chain is the logistics network, positioning logistics procurement accurately during the process is also of great significance. We developed our logistics processes via various transportation modes, helping you manage and plan your transportation costs more effectively.


With our solutions, you can manage all the factors that affect your costs!

KoçZer's structure interacts with many categories, commodities, and logistics networks. Thus, you can conduct pre-analyses regarding the risks that will increase your costs in all units, the backbone of the supply chain, and overcome them with KoçZer's expertise.

With KoçZer's solutions, including long-term contracts, tender and contract management, and commercial services with various supply channels in Turkey and abroad, you can readily manage each factor that affects your costs.