The first brand of Turkey in the strategic procurement solutions industry

As the first brand of Turkey in the strategic procurement solutions industry, Promena has been offering strategic procurement software to its customers since 2001, aiming to provide measurable added value. Standing out especially with its e-procurement, e-tender, expense analysis, supplier management, and marketplace modules, Promena combines its professional approach and experienced team with high-tech, providing its customers with the ability to manage their supply chain end-to-end in various projects and thousands of categories.

Strategic Procurement Software

With Promena, which unites the available suppliers of companies under a single platform, suppliers can create alternative sales opportunities. At the same time, customers can extend their supplier pools by reaching out to suppliers that are not in their portfolios.

Including the advantages of the digital age in its procurement systems successfully, Promena's goal is to produce sustainable advantages and provide digital transformation in all procurement activities of corporate companies with cutting-edge technology electronic procurement services it offers.

Why should you use Promena?

One-Click Expense Analysis

Request, quotation, e-tender, negotiation, contract and payment… Utilizing SpenDNA, among Promena's technology solutions, you can manage, analyze, and report all these processes via a single location. SpenDNA monitors, measures, reports, and analyzes your procurement processes to create a rational procurement strategy. These analyses allow you to guide your company’s income-expense balance, thus its future, providing you profit in purchases and sales.

Quotation & Tender Management

With the modern user interfaces of the RFx and e-Tender module, you can digitalize your quotation and tender management processes. RFx and the e-Tender module allow you to effectively manage all the quotation procedures. You can organize quotation procedures through open auction and Dutch auction methods.

Quick Quotation

Quickly collect quotes from as many companies as possible while ensuring that potential suppliers meet certain standards via the Quick RFQ module. You can significantly reduce business processes between suppliers and the organization by receiving multiple quotes for various requests and managing the negotiation details with a single request activity.


Digitalize your request, approval & order processes via the e-Procurement module. Efficiently manage your procurement processes, establishing budget-controlled approval workflows with a fully integrated catalog. Conduct request, approval, and order management via a single place and boost your procurement experience. Easily and quickly create procurement requests both from the items defined or undefined in the catalog and the product list.

Supplier Management

With Supplier Management module, simplify your supplier master data, performance, and risk management processes. With supplier management, the supplier commissioning process becomes easier and faster since they create their own records. Offers the chance to take various business opportunities via supplier classification management. Enables comprehensive evaluations through keeping track of supplier performance. Identifies risk factors and tracks them through models. Allows to assign tasks to suppliers for different collaboration models and to plan together.


Promena's marketplace takes the business experience from B2C to B2B. Buyers can view similar or identical products & services from many suppliers on Promena Marketplace as a digital fair and start their application process with a single click. High quality and saving rates in the procurement processes are provided due to increased competition.

How to become a Promena user?

You can schedule a demo to experience the end-to-end supply chain management in various projects and thousands of categories with Promena's professional approach and hi-tech advantage. You can become our customer to benefit from sustainable advantages in all your procurement activities.