ZerGO, Turkey's reliable marketplace for company appliances

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Online B2B trading is on the rise both globally and in Turkey. Combining our purchasing and supply experience of over 20 years with our digital application development competence, we launched the B2B marketplace ZerGO on the 20th anniversary of our company, Koçzer.

At ZerGO, we offer over 130,000 products from every sector and business size to businesses through our reliable suppliers with online shopping opportunities. Besides online shopping, ZerGO also caters to B2B-specific needs. Sellers can showcase their products and set pricing based on different tiers, allowing customers to benefit from personalized advantages. Buyers can access various options and prices, from spot purchases to bulk purchases, and make payments both by card and on open account.


What is ZerGO?

ZerGO is an online B2B marketplace aiming to provide an unlimited and seamless purchasing experience for businesses of all sizes and sectors, covering both technical and office supplies across Turkey. Catering to businesses' tendencies to shop from trusted business partners, ZerGO brings sellers and buyers together, constantly increasing the number of sellers and products to meet all business shopping demands.

Why should you use ZerGO?


Find the product you're looking for with comparative prices!

With ZerGO offering competitive prices and the opportunity to compare alternative prices from different sellers, businesses gain access to quality products and services, obtaining a competitive advantage.


Online shopping from trusted suppliers

With KoçZer's assurance of quality and trust in supplier selection for over 20 years, ZerGO connects reliable sellers with buyers from all sectors and sizes.


Bulk Purchase with Tiered Pricing Advantage

Sellers on ZerGO offer price advantages that change according to quantity, making bulk purchases easier, while buyers can analyze different prices for single and multiple purchases.


From A to Z, all your business needs are on ZerGo!

ZerGO is a platform where businesses can easily and securely purchase everything they might need, from office supplies to hardware, from safety equipment to textile products...

ZerGO offers a comprehensive approach in terms of variety and accessibility, providing solutions that match the diverse needs of businesses and effectively serving a wide geography across Turkey.


ZerGO's user-friendly interface offers businesses an easy and understandable user experience, optimizing business processes and aiming to increase efficiency.


Grow your business, increase your sales with ZerGO!

With its strategic partnership approach, ZerGO provides effective support for businesses in their growth and development processes, contributing to achieving sales and purchasing goals and being an important solution partner on a sustainable growth journey.

How to become a ZerGO user?

Businesses can register as buyers or sellers on zergo.com.tr. After verifying company information, they can access the platform, thus quickly and effectively benefiting from the various advantages ZerGO offers.