With ZerOnline, procurement processes are now faster and more advantageous!


Turkey's first strategic procurement and sourcing management company, we, with our professional employees, 20 years of know-how, and broad supplier pool, offer end-to-end procurement solutions that turn today's procurement challenges into opportunities. We merge our expertise in our field with ZerOnline, single source for B2B needs, offering 580 brands with 550 thousand types of products in 125 sub-categories with a Cost advantage to add value to the procurement processes of our business partners via next-gen products and services. With ZerOnline, procurement processes are now faster and more advantageous.


What is ZerOnline?

Designed with innovative technologies, ZerOnline is a single online source for order management and procurement platform for B2B needs, where the materials contracted by KoçZer are listed as a catalog and supplied by order. You can order products in many categories, including technical, industrial, packaging, office consumables, and technological products, with advantageous discount rates generated by KoçZer's procurement volume.

Why should you use ZerOnline?


End-To-End Online Order

With its user-friendly screens, ZerOnline offers end-to-end online order management opportunities to KoçZer's business partners with savings on time and cost.


Everything Is Tailored To The Customer!

Special prices are offered to each customer through the screens tailored to each company. After logging in, you can create category-based authorizations, organization charts, and person-based listings. Besides corporate headquarters and facilities, this system provides convenience to the network of dealers and services. Moreover, multiple users within the same organization can promptly access to the product they are looking for.


Combined Added Value

ZerOnline enables the chamber of commerce and industry, organized industrial zone, and industrial associations to provide combined supply solutions to their members for their indirect material needs, allowing them to generate added value.


Convenience In Every Process

Operating perfectly with mobile and on various browsers, ZerOnline provides convenience in the selection process with product comparison, multiple list creation features, and detailed product content. It accelerates the shopping processes with options such as creating baskets using Excel, repeating orders, and multiple deliveries.


A Platform Registered with Many Awards

ZerOnline, our B2B e-commerce platform with over 500,000 products for online orders for office and technical-industrial materials, was granted four awards at The Stevie International Business Awards 2021 program. Besides receiving the gold award in the world's best industrial products and services category, our platform also earned the silver award in e-commerce and B2B solutions and the bronze award in supply chain solutions.

How to become a ZerOnline user?

Be our client to benefit from ZerOnline's advantages in corporate supply and procurement processes and join business partners. Let us welcome you to the fast and beneficial world of ZerOnline by completing your user identifications.