19 February 2024

Orçun Güven: The critical element in online trade is ‘Trust’

orcun guven koczer.webp

Orçun Güven, Chief Sales Officer & Deputy GM, was recently featured as a guest in the Fast Company magazine.

During the interview, Güven elaborated on KoçZer’s journey towards digital transformation and the recent investments in digital workflows and platforms. He highlighted KoçZer’s goal to stand out in industry and commerce by providing an impeccable digital experience. Additionally, he revealed plans to boost the share of revenue generated from digital platforms to 40% of the total turnover within the next five years.

At the end of 2023, Güven revealed the launch of two innovative digital products, emphasizing the global and national rise of online commerce. “To navigate this trend, we introduced our digital B2B marketplace platform, ZerGo, and our mobile reward mechanism, ZerCard,” he stated.

ZerGo is designed to offer a fully internet-accessible trading experience, where companies can show their products while tailoring customer-specific benefits using the dynamic pricing feature. This allows buyers to explore a variety of options ranging from spot purchases to bulk transactions.

The mobile-based ZerCard is engineered to improve loyalty and satisfaction among employees and dealers by offering a reward system that is nearly as versatile as cash. ZerCard enables recipients to freely spend their rewards across 81 provinces, with over 50 brands and at more than 20,000 payment points.

Orçun Güven noted the day-by-day shift of online trade towards B2B models, emphasizing that in B2B transactions, institutional needs and priorities take precedence over individual buying behaviors.

He elaborated that KoçZer has strategically developed its platforms with corporate expectations in mind, focusing on the convenience and benefits they offer, such as invoicing, order tracking, and operational management. Güven further explained that reliability stands as the primary criterion for companies when selecting online trading platforms.

“We believe in the importance of digital platforms that offer transparency and traceability"

Güven further emphasized, “In recent weeks, we have been following the Davos Summit and this year’s theme was ‘Rebuilding Trust’. Koç Holding CEO Levent Çakıroğlu was one of the speakers. This year’s summit became a crucible for shared global insights on fostering trade progression through the pillars of trust and transparency, exploring new solutions.

At KoçZer, we are committed to the significance of digital platforms that enhance transparency and traceability. We believe these platforms are pivotal in cultivating trust within the trade sector and in developing institutions that are both resilient and adaptable amidst uncertainties.”