26 July 2023

50 most powerful procurement leaders of Türkiye are announced

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Collaborating with Zer, the Economist released the "Procurement and Sourcing Leaders" list to identify Türkiye's 50 most powerful procurement and sourcing leaders.

According to the research results, cost management, sustainability, and digitalization issues are on the agenda of purchasing and procurement leaders this year due to cost increases caused by inflation.

The research revealed that companies working on alternative scenarios in procurement processes, adapting to change, having a flexible supplier network, and investing in digital transformation will come to the forefront, while the importance of purchasing and procurement leaders will increase as uncertainty becomes the new normal.

Serhan Turfan, General Manager at Zer, took part in the Procurement and Sourcing Leaders list with his views, stating that Zer provided services with this awareness in order to maintain the resilience and flexibility skills of its customers and suppliers in an increasingly unpredictable and challenging business world.

Commenting on our 2023 domestic and international projects, Serhan Turfan added, "We continue to establish a bond of trust with our customers from different areas by executing partnership agreements with Promena in new markets abroad. We are continuing to work on our domestic B2B marketplace and e-export platform, which we will launch in the last period of the year, and we think it will offer a new experience to the sector. With this recently developed channel, we focus on facilitating our access to SMEs."

Here are the leaders in the Economist's Procurement and Sourcing List!

Managing a budget of 120.7 billion TRY, Umut Baba, the Purchasing General Manager and Member of the General Purchasing Committee at BİM, ranked first in the list created based on the size of the procurement budget managed. The second name on the list was İsmail Kürşad Korkmaz, Chief Purchasing Officer at Oyak Mining Metallurgy Group, which has a purchasing budget of 42.7 billion TRY. Murat Senir, Assistant General Manager, Purchasing at Ford Otosan, ranked third with a purchasing budget of 88.8 billion TRY. Managing a purchasing budget of 85.14 billion TRY, Aziz Şahin, Chief Commercial Officer at A101 ranked fourth, and Selma Öner, Chief Supply Chain Officer at Şişecam ranked 5th.