03 May 2023

"We take the pulse of end-to-end employee experience"


Sanem Bayraklı, the Human Resources and Corporate Communications Director of Zer, gave an interview to the Ekonomist magazine to communicate our human resources practices and future targets.

Noting that Zer's staff mainly consists of purchasing specialists, Bayraklı expressed our employment target: "We anticipate that we can create employment for 15 people since early 2023, considering our missing staff from the previous year. Besides, 15 interns studying in the 3rd and 4th grades of universities will be with us in the summer within the scope of our ZerUP internship program".

Noting that hybrid working has become permanent with the pandemic, Bayraklı said: "Zer easily adapted to the remote working system because we had already granted this right one day a week and our infrastructure was ready. Although the effects of the pandemic have largely disappeared, we have switched to hybrid working at the request of our colleagues. In this process, we also discovered that there may be conditions masked by the productivity we achieve with hybrid work. At this point, we have put different practices in place to create well-being practices and training sessions that touch the employee's mood such as staying in the moment, increase the number of social communications and activities, and create rewards that support the success and well-being of our employees". Bayraklı added that improvement of the working climate and employee experience came to the fore in the 2023 targets.