End-to-end monitoring of logistics processes is
possible with Loji-Portal

End-to-end logistics management and monitoring solution Loji-Portal, developed under KoçZer's digital transformation program in 2017, provides fast and efficient logistics process management on both the client and supplier's side. Afterwards, the data collected is accurately interpreted, analysed, and shaped as logistics big data to create new opportunities and gains.

Loji-Portal provides efficiency and cost advantages in its business partners' logistics procurement activities via optimization and consolidation algorithms over the data it offers.

What Is Loji-Portal?

Loji-Portal allows for managing demand and supply processes by granting role-based screen authorizations for the client, supplier, and in-company use. It allows for the logistics processes to be monitored from end-to-end. The process starts when an order is created on Loji-Portal. Then, instant status updates are made after a supplier is assigned. The progress billing process automatically starts once the order is confirmed via the platform or the drivers' mobile app and ends once the billing processes are finalized.

For the management of spot demand processes, the suitable suppliers in different supplier pools grouped by their transportation types are suggested by Loji-Portal. A competitive environment is created when all chosen suppliers start the quote collecting process simultaneously. All quotes collected via Loji-Portal are analysed digitally. The most advantageous prices are determined so that our customers can enjoy cost advantages.

Why Should You Use Loji-Portal?

Loji-Portal offers digital solutions in all stages of the logistic management processes. It answers to all the needs of the logistics industry with comprehensive modules. Loji-Portal includes modules such as Order Management, Transportation Management, Agreement Management, Monitorability and GPS Vehicle Tracking, Route and Cost Optimization, Cargo Optimization and Consolidation, Spot Price Management Module, High Integration Capability, Mobile Application, BI Dashboard, Door and Ramp Management, and Tender Analysis Module.