29 July 2020

A time for opportunity for Turkey in the global procurement chain


Our General Manager Mehmet Apak evaluated the evolving dynamics in the procurement industry, and shared Zer’s objectives for the future, in the new issue of the News from Us magazine, which is published by Koç Group Companies.

Mr. Mehmet Apak, who made further evaluations on Turkey’s position in the procurement chain following the pandemic, emphasized that this aspect of the crisis is transformed into an opportunity for the local suppliers, which are strong and reliable in the countries in which they are locate, and stated as follows: “We have understood through experience that a procurement process which excludes the local options, with a cost-oriented perspective, and which is dependent on a single country, and even a single manufacturer, is not sustainable. Many global players which did not have a second procurement point (other than China), or a Plan B either, set off on a new quest. I am of the opinion that this may present a chance and opportunity for Turkey due to not only its position but also our strong trade muscles.”